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Aug 8, 2013 11:00pm EDT
joe. thank you very much. green bay. at green bay versus detroit and get the bye before dallas. i'm not a big fan of early byes. i thought you get a bye around week 7 or 8 or 9 you finish the pre-season with some time off and eight weeks of play and get some time off and eight more weeks and lock up a division and get home field. wind up with another couple weeks so everybody can heel. it's a good way to extort for this football team. you get tested early and going against the best quarterback in football aaron rogers. >> two weeks to prepare for the cowboys an early bye. redskins will not face the giants until early december. following the second--first titans time out it's royster takes it inside the 30. and now tennessee use their second time out. one inch head coach in the n f c east. chip kelly in philadelphia. >> there's a lot of question when it comes to what chip wants to run. who is going to be his quarterback. that's another battle that you are seeing here. of course all the situations around riley cooper and hopefully that will pass in a positive way. but i just don't bel
Aug 19, 2013 11:00pm EDT
and -- tenements in boston and detroit, strong-willed single mother who turned new a reader and now a renowned surgeon who i'm sure has made millions in medicine and writing books. are you saying that you should be paying the same rate as someone in your mother's former circumstances? >> absolutely. i'm saying absolutely that. needless to say, that person in my mother's circumstance wouldn't be paying very much. i would be paying a lot. >> she's paying it eye much smaller number, but the conventional thinking is that that only 90 progressive, it's regressive and that somebody who can afford to pay a larger percentage should and somebody who is making very little shouldn't pay any. >> let me tell you my take on at
Aug 12, 2013 10:00pm EDT
to choose between saving a whale, the rain forest, or detroit, which would it be? - how is this supposed to help him take a picture? - i don't know. so... - detroit. so what is all that stuff lindsey brought back from the mall? - she went shopping with my mother. they went looking for outfits. - outfits for what? - i forgot to tell you. my mom's going to be in the picture. - since when? - since she asked. and i said, "yeah." - oh, okay, so since she's going to be in the picture, what about my mom and dad? - they can be in it. - and how's that supposed to work? it's not like they live around the corner. nick, this isn't fair. - well, what am i supposed to do? - tell your mother that this portrait is for the four of us. - oh, you know what? you're the one that wants her out. why don't you tell her? - because i'm not the one who put her in. - fine. fine. all right, look, here. - "in your own words, describe the feeling you get when asked to describe something in your own words"? - man, you are edgy. hi, i'm sherri.. and i'm going to show sherri how collecting box tops for education
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3